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Kimerud Navy Strength Gin 500ml


Kimerud Navy Strength Gin 500ml 57% has a full-bodied palate and aroma. Created with 22 botanicals and pure mountain water in Norway.

  • Gold Winner Berlin International Spirits Competition 2019


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Kimerud Navy Strength Gin 500ml 57% is the most powerful of the internationally awarded Kimerud Gin family.  Master distiller Stale Havaldsen Johnsen distills a careful balance of 22 botanicals with pure mountain water, to create a full-bodied palate and aroma. The most unique of Kimerud Navy Strength’s botanicals is Golden Root. During the Viking age, this herb was considered a delicacy, with magical properties. It continues to grow wild in the North of Norway.  The flower & root are handpicked along the seaside. The Arctic Sea gives the gin its flavor and contributes to a raw taste and smell. This new member of the multi awarded family operated Kimerud distillery is a tribute to Jørgen Kristian Has Nilsen, grandfather of the master distiller. Once a dockyard owner, ship builder, and repairman in even the harshest Norwegian weather. Kimerud Navy Strength Gin toasts him and the many who work tough conditions to provide for their people. Kimerud Navy Strength Gin is an excellent sipping gin, try in a Dry Martini and other gin based cocktails.

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Weight 1.45 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 24 cm
Kimerud Navy Strength Gin 500ml
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