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Green Nines 700ml


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Legend tells that the oldest Lithuanian Bitter was born in XV-XVI th  century in the green forests on a special day of Midsummer or St John‘s Eve, as it was believed that on that shortest night herbs concentrate their strongest qualities.​

The dish, with herbal infusion would be left to stay in the open night air of the St John and the next day to get as much of sun’s strength, power and energy as possible.

Made by a secret recipe which combines a balanced mix of the blossoms, barks, leaves, fruit and roots of 27 plants. Anise, coffee beans and orange peels can be clearly identified​. Mild, bitter-sweet taste, a modern twist on an ancient Lithuanian recipe.

Bitter Herb Spirit 35% ALC/VOL

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 39 cm
Green Nines 700ml
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