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Krupnikas Honey Liqueur 500ml

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KRUPNIKAS is the only honey liqueur in Lithuania.

KRUPNIKAS is a classic, time-tested and publicly recognized beverage, and one of Lithuania’s most popular and culturally important liqueurs.

Aged for a long time, it is a beverage made from honey and a herbal infusion kept in special containers. The aroma of the golden liqueur is complex, and the flavour is distinct, yet mild and lingering.

To be recognised and certified as national heritage products, the qualities of the product must correspond to Lithuanian ethnocultural traditions: Historicity, Origin (prevalence), Method of production organization. Product certification is confirmed by the issue of a certificate.

Based on historical sources, it has been proven that the Stumbras factory produces Krupnikas according to an authentic recipe that is over 100 years old. Krupnikas is the only liqueur in the world that is traditionally served for tasting heated to a temperature of 50oC and poured in crystal glasses with thick walls to keep it warm as long as possible. This is how Lithuanian nobles and Benedictine monks used to drink it.


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